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16 place Delille, 63000 CLERMONT FERRAND +33 (0)4 73 91 92 06


Located in the heart of a landscape formed by volcanic activity, Volvic has an international reputation for the purity of its water. Since the 12th century the town has been known for its dark structural stone. Both the public monuments and private houses retain visible reminders of this for the passer by.

The town conceals a fascinating variety of architectural heritage. Narrow streets edged with stone, fountains, a mediaeval castle, a Roman church and the museum all bear witness to the craft and artistic expression that has been going on here since ancient times. Other wonders can be found in the regional villages where the natural environment is outstanding, particularly the diversity of the flora and fauna.

Some of the essential places to visit in the town:

  • The Volvic bottling plant

The plant can be visited from April to October. Opening hours vary depending on the season. Exhibition, Cinema Theatre, Tasting and Guided Tour – the company has put together an exciting programme to discover the secrets of how Volvic makes the journey from underground spring to bottle!

  • Maison de la Pierre 

Open from February to November. Opening hours vary depending on the season. Experience a profound human adventure; enter the world of the quarrymen at the beginning of the 20th century. From the 13th century onwards, Volvic Stone has been quarried from the heart of the Nugère Volcano lava flow. Four scenographies will make you relive the daily life of these men and women at the start of the 1900s.

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16 place Delille.


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