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16 place Delille, 63000 CLERMONT FERRAND +33 (0)4 73 91 92 06 contact@hotelvialatte.com

A literary journey

The Literary Hotels team encourages all visitors to go on a fun journey to discover Vialatte’s life and work. On the hotel ground floor one can find all the themes that were precious to the writer.

  • The advertisements he used to enjoy writing the snap-lines for: the Michelin Bibendum, The Singer sowing machine or “la Dame du Job”.
  • Our cocktail bar publishes playful horoscopes based on the zodiac signs that he used to write about jokingly in his short stories
  • There’s a drawing theme that is a reminder of his love the caricatures of his time: Sempé, Chaval, etc…, with a portrait of Vialatte done in the manner of Jean Dubuffet as well as drawings by Claude-Henri Fournerie.

On the 6th floor, we have a terrace where we have put a reproduction of Chaval’s « Pharmaciens fuyant l’orage » on display together with the short story written by Vialatte about it.

The hotel’s different floors are organised in the best way possible to give a general view of Vialatte’s skills and hobbies. The 1st floor tells us about him as a novelist, the 2nd and 3rd floors tell us about him as a columnist, the 4th floor focuses on him as a translator, the 5th floor refers to his friends and the 6th floor describes the places the writer used to love in the region of Auvergne.

On every floor, there is a quote taken from either one of his novels, short stories or his correspondence, thus taking us even deeper into Vialatte’s world and making us want to read more of him or about him.


A word from the architects, Aude Bruguière and Aleth Prime

After initiating us to Marcel Proust and Gustave Flaubert, Jacques Letertre has done the same with Alexandre Vialatte’s unusual world.

Dubuffet, the Chaval drawings in Paris-Match, the Michelin bibendum and the Singer sowing machine were for Aleth and I images that we remembered from our childhood.

A couple of “trophies” that we got from the writer’s Bestiaire are on the 6th floor facing the rooftops of Clermont where you might catch a glimpse of the adolescents from Dame du Job. Also, on the terrace, one can see the pharmacists on the run inspired by Chaval, and the Grand Magma executed in the style of Dubuffet is up there somewhere hidden.

We enjoyed suggesting how to decorate the ground floor, using the unique and contrasted world of Alexandre Vialatte’s world as a base, choosing a dark and rich anthracite – like the L’Auvergne Absolue stone – against lighter tones – such as the white newspaper La Montagne.

The writer, using the graphic symbols of the region he knows too well, together with our general aspirations and the zodiac signs, enjoyed predicting the future. Since we all enjoy having a drink whilst reading our horoscope, will you be the one at the bar looking at the ceiling trying to find your constellation?

The hanging bookcases at the reception were arranged in the shapes of an A and a V, such as Un abécédaire, graphically illustrating the “capital” writer who is welcoming you with a wishful eye.

Who knows how the temptation to read begins?

Aude Bruguière and Aleth Prime

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